Correct operation instructions for well resistance furnace?

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Well type resistance furnace is mainly composed of outer cover, inner cylinder, convection cylinder, burner, bottom stirring circulating fan, forced cooling fan, methanol cracking furnace, etc. It makes its structure relatively simple. And the operation is also very stable. The following is the correct operation instructions for the down-hole resistance furnace? Read on if you are interested.

Well resistance furnace is also a widely used equipment at present. The central part of the furnace bottom is equipped with a stirring fan. When heating, the circulating controllable atmosphere passes through the annular gap between the convection cylinder and the inner cylinder, and then the heat will be obtained from the inner cylinder and transferred to the workpiece. It makes its fan operate in the whole cooling stage, and generates strong convection in the loading space. In order to avoid problems when using. It is also recommended that you do a good job of its precautions. For example, check the limit switch close to the furnace door or furnace cover of the shaft furnace to ensure that the main circuit is powered off after the furnace door or furnace cover is started. In addition to doing these works well before use, we also need to remind everyone that the well type resistance furnace should also ensure good contact of the power connector before use. The power line insulation meets the requirements. Or the gas flow meter and pressure gauge equipped with the atmosphere resistance furnace should be controlled to indicate accurately and sensitively. Then pay attention to the device of the electric wire to avoid trampling and damaging the electric leakage, and ensure the external wire. When all these are finished. You can connect to the corresponding voltage socket. When the power indicator light is on, you can customize the temperature control.

So there are many things we need to pay attention to when using the well resistance furnace. Of course, in addition to what Xiao Bian said. There are many more. For example, the well furnace that must also be cooled by water should be equipped with water temperature, water pressure and flow relays. In case of abnormal conditions, the power supply of the main circuit will be cut off and an alarm signal will be sent. In other words, the explosion-proof device of the controlled atmosphere furnace of this product should be flexible and reliable. Moreover, the exposed electric heater outside its furnace shell should have a reliable protective cover. As long as you pay attention to these places, there will be no problems when you use them. If there are any questions you don't understand, you can call us at any time. There are online customer service staff to receive you, and they will help you patiently answer any questions. You can also see our contact information on the official website. You can call directly to inquire. The well type resistance furnace is also equipped with a large fan device to ensure temperature uniformity in the furnace; Its furnace cover and furnace body are made of high-temperature resistant fiber cotton, which makes its furnace body have good thermal insulation performance, save energy and reduce production costs; They are also pollution-free and have good environmental benefits.

The above article is about the correct operation of the well resistance furnace introduced by the editor for all friends. If you still don't understand anything, please call us. That's all about today's knowledge. I hope it can help you.

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