What are the advantages of well resistance furnace?

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What are the advantages of well resistance furnace?

Well type resistance furnace is still used with high efficiency, small occupation area and reliability. Moreover, its device is simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain and low energy consumption. Well type resistance furnace is mainly composed of outer cover, inner cylinder, convection cylinder, burner, bottom stirring circulating fan, forced cooling fan, methanol cracking furnace, etc. In this respect, its structure is also very simple. The operation is also very simple. This product is one of the main boiler forms for mechanical processing and production today, so it can be used in spherical treatment of carbon compounds in steel, and the processing effect of well furnace is good. But there are certain reasons for this. For example, the reason is that the protective atmosphere often appears in the production of this equipment, which can ensure that the surface accuracy of the workpiece is good after completion, and if there is a well resistance furnace, it will effectively ensure the toughness and rigidity of the workpiece. Based on these advantages, shaft furnace is widely used in social production, and its demand is increasing year by year. There is still a lot of information about these products. There are online customer service personnel on our official website. You can consult them at any time.

Well type resistance furnace is a periodic operation furnace, which is suitable for heat treatment of rod and long shaft parts. Of course, it involves a lot of relevant information in the use of things. For example, it can be heated by gas or liquid fuel or electricity. When using gas fuel, there are usually many small energy burners installed along the tangential direction of the furnace inner wall, which are evenly arranged in layers or spirals in height. If you pay attention to these places, it will be very good to prevent the flame from directly scouring the workpiece and ensure the temperature uniformity in the furnace. When the pit-type resistance furnace is used for low-temperature tempering or oil as fuel, it will build a thin muffle wall in the furnace to separate the combustion space from the heating space. However, the pit-type furnace with muffle wall will consume more fuel. The function of the inner cylinder of the well resistance furnace is to separate the flue gas flow space from the controllable atmosphere flow space where the workpiece is located, and it is also the heat exchange surface in the heat transfer process. Our products can also meet these advantages. What's more, we have done very well in this aspect. You don't have to worry at all. If you have time, you can check it on the official website. There are contact information and online customer service staff to receive you. If you don't understand, ask them.

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