What is a shaft resistance furnace? What are the characteristics of well resistance furnace?

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The structure of well resistance furnace is composed of furnace body, heating element, crucible, furnace cover, tilting mechanism, temperature control system, etc. The shell of the furnace body is welded into a cylindrical shape using steel, and the interior is built with 0.6g/cm3 ultra-light refractory bricks to form a vertical furnace. The gap between the furnace and the furnace shell is filled with aluminum silicate refractory fiber and calcium silicate block material, which plays the role of heat insulation and thermal insulation of the furnace body.

The heating body is spirally wound with iron chrome aluminum alloy wire, placed on the bricks around the furnace, and fixed with socket bricks to prevent falling off when tilting The heating element is connected to the power supply outside the furnace.

The crucible of the well resistance furnace is made of cast steel, made of chrome steel, and its working temperature is about 800 ℃. The crucible is located in the center of the furnace. Then tilt the molten metal in the crucible for heat preservation. If zinc oxide and talc coating are added in the application process, the effect will be good.

There are two semicircular furnace covers on the furnace panel, one end is fixed on the furnace panel through a shaft, and the other end has a handle, which can be opened and closed flexibly. The furnace cover is filled with aluminum silicate refractory fiber for insulation.

Features of well resistance furnace:

1. The electric furnace is equipped with large fan device, and the temperature in the furnace is uniform; Under the condition of long-term use, there will be no uneven heat, and the temperature can be well maintained in a stable range

2。  Multizone control of electric furnace to further improve furnace temperature uniformity;

3。  There is stainless steel air duct in the furnace; It can control the exhaust temperature for a long time, and the effect is very obvious, which can help us to solve the problem that the furnace temperature is not easy to control;

4。  The furnace cover is opened and closed by crane or automatic hydraulic opening and closing mechanism with guide column to ensure smooth opening and closing of the furnace cover; This design is very scientific. In the long-term use process, it can make us use it very easily and labor-saving, without worrying about the problem of durability;

5。  The furnace cover and furnace body are made of high-temperature resistant fiber cotton, which has good thermal insulation performance, saves energy and reduces production costs;

6. It is very important to have no pollution and good environmental benefits. Now the requirements for environmental protection are very high. If the product is not environmentally friendly, it will cause many bad results. The environmental protection effect of the well type resistance furnace is very good, which allows us to use it safely without worrying about the problems of environmental protection and pollution.

Well resistance furnace is one of the industrial electric furnace products. The furnace mouth of the parallel resistance furnace is set at the furnace top, and the workpiece is vertically suspended in the furnace through a special hanger. Special lifting equipment can quickly load and lift workpieces. In order to facilitate operation and reduce the workshop height, the furnace body is generally installed in whole or in part underground. Well resistance furnace is a special equipment for tempering and temperature treatment of extra-large carbon steel parts.

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